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Medical Malpractice

When misconduct or carelessness by a company or an individual causes the death of a person it is called a "wrongful death." A wrongful death can result from another's negligence on the raod, a defective product, an unsafe worksite, or medical carelessness, amongst other things.

The law provides for compensation of family members of the deceased when a wrongful death occurs. The laws of each state differ as to those individuals who are entitled to compensation for a wrongful death. When the deceased is an adult the list of beneficiaries typically include the spouse and children. Some states recognize the rights of relatives other than the immediate family if they were dependent upon the deceased for support or services.

At Angel Reyes & Associates and Michelle Mears, PC, we know the wrongful death of a loved one causes severe emotional and financial hardship to a family. We will help you determine if you have legal options to pursue, and there is no charge for handling your case. We are paid only after you receive compensation for the horrible tragedy that took your loved one.

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