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Recent Scientific studies suggest that industrial exposure to fumes created during welding may lead to the development of Parkinson's disease and/ or a similar disease called Maganism Poisoning. During the welding process the melting metal creates a fume. The fume contains the elements of the metal being welded. In most welding operations, the fume contains the element manganese which is highly neurotoxic.

The toxins contained in the welding fume, especially manganese,
cause a wide spectrum of what are called extra pyramidal movement disorders. Among these disorders are: Parkinsonism, Parkinson's Disease, manganese induced Parkinsonism, manganese poisoning, and manganism. All of these disorders are diseases of a part of the human brain cell called the basal ganglia.

These conditions are not fatal but instead, slowly progressive,
degenerative disorders of the central nervous system. Symptoms include tremor, rigidity, masked face, drooling, abnormal or shuffling gait, lack of arm swinging and loss of balance. Those affected slowly lose the ability to control their body movement and speech, and eventually rely completely on the help of others to perform basic activities such as eating, dressing, bathing, and walking.

Those who have worked or currently work as welders or worked in environments where there are welding fumes could be at risk of developing these disorders.

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